Snapbot Building Challenge on NXTLOG

Running on NXTLOG (the LEGO® official online repository for community NXT models) already since September and ending on 31st of October, the Snapbot building challenge this time requests for sending in working NXT robots that can be reasonably built with as minimum parts as possible:
"In this challenge you must create a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot that uses the minimum amount of LEGO bricks possible. Can you create a simple robot that someone can build in a snap?

Snap Bots can be built in the following categories:

Do you feel inspired?
Then figure out such a minimalistic robot and send it in to NXTLOG.


Anonymous said…
I entered my robot base that I had made, I just changed the description a little and added the SnapBot Challenge tag (whatever that was :P).

Good luck to all the people who enter...


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