Enjoy the celebration, Germany!

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall... enjoy the celebrations, Germany! I would love to be over there right now.


Shep said…
I had the pleasure of being an American Soldier visiting the wall back in 1987. I stood proud and free in uniform facing an armed East German guard.

The funny thing was that he was facing me, as if to try to keep me out of East Germany.

Congrats, Germany, well done.
Unknown said…
Actually, as a German, I still remember quite well my feelings back then (having grown up in West Germany with the division of our country seeming set in stone forever, literally). I do not know of anyone amongst us who wasn't deeply moved in this night; and I took along the insight that we do not need to resign to bad things, however unchangeable they may appear.

Even in the struggles of everyday's politics it's important to keep us aware that something very precious has been given (back) to all Germans in these days.

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