Gorilla from the Book: "Endangered Species NXT"

Above is a page from the full-color book, "Endangered Species NXT". It shows partial instructions for building the gorilla in the video below:

In addition to building and programming instructions for the gorilla, the book includes building and programming instructions for a sloth, a frog, a Komodo dragon and a polar bear. Educational activities in math, literacy and critical thinking are also included.

The book is available here.

All robots in the book are built with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Set (#9797), plus the NXT Education Resource Set (#9648).


Anonymous said…
Hey Mr. Rick, I can't watch blogger video, is it my server, or does blogger video not work anymore?

PS, Im getting this book when it comes out! :)
Anonymous said…
PSS. Oh its already out!
Unknown said…
Cool! I wish I had the 2.0 set. I hope some LEGO sellers (Bricklink, S@H etc.(or even a user))will make a extra set with all of the pieces that DON'T come in the 1.0 set that are in the 2.0 set. That was a mouthful.
President and founder of Lego-X
Rick Rhodes said…

The video is a Quicktime video, so you may need Quicktime installed on your computer. (It's a free download from apple.com).

Having a newer browser version may help as well.
Unknown said…
Rick, why not putting the video on You Tube? Well tagged, it might benefit from more users finding and watching it, and it could be easier linked and embedded.
Rick Rhodes said…

Good point. (The easiest, quickest thing is to post the video using blogger, but it's too unreliable).

When I get a moment, I'll post the videos to YouTube.

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