Guest Blog - NXT Comparison 2

From Clinton:

"Over the past couple of weeks. I've made up some charts that show which parts are included in the NXT 1.0 Retail Set, the NXT 2.0 Retail Set, and the Education Base Set and Resource Kit. I also have a chart that allows you to see which parts the different sets have in common.

After downloading and extract the .zip file, you can double-click on the .html files to open the charts in your web browser. I've also included a .csv file so that you can parse the data yourself or import it into the spreadsheet of your choice.

You are welcome to make use of the information and the images. Please let me know (in the comments) if you find any flaws in the data."

Click here to download.


LEGOmom said…

Your chart will be extremely useful!! I like the NXT 1.0, 2.0, and Education Inventory Comparison. I will use it to sum NXT1.0 + Resource kit to see if any parts have magically disappeared into general LEGO circulation.

Unknown said…

nice work!
Would it be possible to host the HTML web content somewhere so one could access it online simply with a browser without the need to download and unpack an archive file?
I'm really glad to hear you've found it useful.

I would be thrilled to have the pages live on the Internet. If anyone is willing to host the pages, please e-mail me ( sabre dot robotics at gmail dot com ) directly.

(I do have a place on the web, but need to change hosting providers and rebuild my site -- and I didn't want to host the information just to change the URL on it!)
Unknown said…
This is really going to be useful for me. I just bought the NXT 2.0 set and it would be nice to take advantage of all the books currently on the market that were written for the 1.0 system. I know that I can "cannibalize" some of the parts from my RIS 2.0 set, but it'll be nice to see what I have to pick up from bricklink in addition.
Good news! I now have the pages up on the internet here.

[Thanks for the question, Matthias. After reading it, it occurred to me what to do to put the files up and keep them safe from future site changes.]

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