Guest Blog - NXT Comparison Chart

Robert emailed me the following:

"I just saw your post on the NXTStep asking for a spreadsheet so I thought I would send in one of mine. It displays; the Peeron parts names, Colors, NXT 1.0 part quantities and NXT 2.0 part quantities, as well as the parts difference between the two sets. The idea is that, through the use of the "sort" feature found in most spreadsheet editors, you can find out just about anything you want to know about the different parts. Negative signs in front of the parts differences indicate that the parts are needed to "convert" a NXT 2.0 kit to a NXT 1.0 kit, and vice versa for a positive number.

The spreadsheet format is that of Microsoft Works Spreadsheets, so it should open in Excel (If not I can see if I can save it in Excel format). If you think the spreadsheet has potential, I will look into adding pictures."

Please take a look by downloading the file and providing feedback - you can get the file by clicking here.


Bill Shaw said…
I tried opening it with Excel 2003 and 2007 with no luck. Google docs doesn't know what to do with it either. If you could upload an XLS file, I would find that very helpful. Cheers! - Bill
NickNackGus said…
If you run Open Office, (an open source version of office,) you should be able to open the file without any problems. It can open all office files (any version), many of its own, several I've never heard of (from Mac, or perhaps some computer that only four or five people know about). It also has its own file format and features inaccessible through office, like sorting data in tables using Open Office Writer.

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