Nov 8, 2009

HiTechnic Infrared Receiver

HiTechnic has posted a video demonstrating their new HiTechnic Infrared Receiver along with a Lego Power Functions Remote. They have built a pretty cool car with Ackerman steering that as demonstrated is pretty impressive.

The description reads as follows;
The HiTechnic IR RC Car features the new HiTechnic Infrared Receiver. This sensor makes it easy for you to control your creations using a LEGO Power Functions Remote.

This model is based on the LEGO Mindstorms 1.0 set. It also requires a LEGO differential and that is not part of the Mindstorms set. If you do not have a LEGO differential, you can go to and search for "Gear Differential", the part number is 6573.

Remote control - Using the HiTechnic Infrared Receiver and LEGO Power Functions Remote

Steering uses a PID controller Both NXT-G and NXC sample programs implement a PID controller to steer to a specified target position.

Ackerman steering - Which means that it has a steering geometry so that in a turn the inside front wheel turns sharper than the outside wheel.

Geared up to differential - Geared up 3:5. The drive motor has a 40 tooth gear driving the 24 tooth side of the differential.

Building instructions and sample programs can be downloaded from


Nathan said...


Now if only I had the money...


Robotica said...


Especially the use of the channel to select the power level

I did show the Hi-Technic shooter at LEGOWORLD 2009 in zwolle, and kids loved it.


Aaron said...

I like the channel use too. I think the PID controller went way over my head... All the data wires confused me. :D

megamindstorm101 said...

wow this makes me want to build robots even more. (i have been having a hard time building a robot recently becasue of moving and stuff). This sensor is actually what i was looking for for a long time :) Also good instructions :)

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