Lip Synching Robot

Hey all,

I would like to introduce myself. I am Chris Shepherd aka “Shep.” The guys here asked me to contribute to this blog and I gladly agreed to do so.

I am a Mechanical Engineer. I have been building with Technic for about 20 years and Mindstorms since they were introduced. I also run my own blog over at I like to draw inspiration from industrial applications and I also love kinetic art. I built the Lego Flexpicker and a few other projects that you can find on my blog.

I just finished a cute little project of a Lego Lip Synching Robot. It uses one sound sensor and one servo motor with some gearing. The sound sensor picks up sound from a pre-recorded sound file and opens the mouth based on the intensity of the sound. It is programmed using RobotC and I completed it in just a couple of hours.


NickNackGus said…
Great idea. I have a few ideas on how to "plus it". Try having the NXT measure volume AND pitch, and compare the values with some files on the NXT. The files should represent the values of pitch and volume for the sounds that are found at the beginning of most offline dictionaries. Record the audio for lip-syncing as a series of those files, which should also contain information about the lip postitions, and play it back afterwards, or export to a file for later animation (for those interested).

NXTHID available from for data output to computer.

Pitch sensor available from for measuring pitch.
Aaron said…
This is a very creative idea! Funny one too! You can just have it talk for you!
Robot: "Have you finished your homework assignment?"
Kid: "No!"
10 seconds later...
Robot: "Have you finished your homework assignment?"

NickNackGus said…
Wait a minute! I recently set up a program to help me wih homework! I could easily make it ask me if I'm done. Maybe then my parents would stop asking me...or not...
Haha that was awesome. It definately entertained me for the moment of the video but i think there was 1 spot where it left its mouth open. still amazing.

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