New Book: "Endangered Species NXT"

(Click above cover image to see it enlarged).

All building instructions and programs are full-color and high-resolution. The robots are:

NXT Sloth--slowly and smoothly slinks across a "branch" of your own choosing.

NXT Gorilla--"Knuckle walks" across the floor, just a like a real gorilla.

NXT Komodo Dragon--Slithers and "sidewinds" across the floor in snake-like fashion.

NXT Polar Bear
--Walks on all fours, opens and closes its jaws, and roars

NXT "Poison Dart" Frog--Leaps up and forward into the air as it jumps across the room

Educational activities in math, literacy and critical thinking are included for teachers, students, FLLers and other groups and individuals.

All robots are built with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Set (#9797), plus the NXT Education Resource Set (#9648). In the near future, I'll post a list of parts needed for the book.

The Amazon link to the book is here.


This looks GREAT! I like that sloth - very funny and interesting looking. Good luck with the book, Fay...

yé a new book... until i write my own there is one thing i love doing! Encouraging those who have taken the time to publish great NXT book by purchasing them and showing them off at convention and shows i participate in via QueLUG.

Is this one from you Fay? that part is not clear from the post!

Unknown said…
I'm happy to see that Fay, Master of NXT animals, did it again. :)
The sloth decidedly is moreish - this book is most worthwhile to purchase, methinks.
Fay Rhodes said…
The book is authored by Fay Rhodes. Sorry about the confusion. (My husband, Rick, is my biggest fan.)

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