The NXT Frog

Some days ago, I received a copy of Fay Rhodes' new book "Robots Alive! Endangered Species" and this weekend, I started to build some of the very nice animals included (of which already two movies have been posted here).
First one was the leaping NXT Frog:

Building time: 20 minutes
Programming time: 3 minutes

Once I've worked through the book (which I like very much already now), I will post a complete review here.


Paulette said…
Just a quick comment-My son just pointed out to me that this frog can't be built with just the 9797 Edu kit as stated in this video.
The kit only has 2 of the "grey Technic Pin Connector Perpendicular 1 x 3 with 4 Pins".
In the video we can see that there are four of them used in the frogs back.
I think it's meant to be 9797 together with 9648 (edu Resource kit)
My kids will have to come up with a mod!
Rick Rhodes said…

Yes, you're correct. (The book itself makes note of of this). Thanks for pointing this out.

And thank you, Matthias, for your creative, instructive video!

Rick R.
Unknown said…
There should be an annotation visible in the You Tube video (at 00:30) that states that information.
Rick Rhodes said…

Ah, yes...had another look at the YT video and the "resource set" annotation was there.


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