NXT Loom

Yet another impressive NXT creation: A loom that makes textiles out of wool. It was created by Jan Ravnik using only 1 NXT and 3 motors, and programmed in RobotC. This is Jan's second loom that works faster and smoother than the first.

Jan describes how the creation works as follows:
The first motor moves shuttle left and right, through the shed between the green warps. The second motor moves the green warps up and down, to change their position and the third motor presses weft together. It uses no sensors. The program is written in RobotC and is very simple. It only tells the motors how many rotations they should turn, and that's all.

To appreciate how the loom works, see the video of it in action:


Okay, that's just cool... maybe someone can convince him to share the BIs and PIs... I could see some fun with this...

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