NXT Parts Worksheet

I've created a worksheet that can be used to figure out what parts you have for a robot and which parts you need. The worksheet includes the Peeron Part Name, the Part#, and the number of parts found in each set. It also provides a space for you to record the number of parts required, the parts you might have in your personal LEGO stash, and which parts you are actually missing. Download the worksheet here.


Unknown said…
Thanks for this, Fay! I'm using it with bricklink (since my RIS 2.0 book is missing at the moment) to compare the three versions of NXT with what I have in my RIS 2.0 set. I notice you didn't list color on the list. I'm going to assume that was not as important. In my case, I'm sure it's more of an asthetic thing rather than anything else. RIS 2.0 is mostly yellows while NXT is mostly greys and whites. What I'm unclear of is whether I need to make sure I have the parts from the education version as well for the multitude of books that are available from the authors here. If I have a complete "cross-section" of NXT 1.0 and NXT 2.0, will I be able to use the older books as well as those coming out? (FWIW, I have NXT 2.0)

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