The Overlap

Would one of our creative readers be able/willing to put together a detailed spreadsheet that contains part #s, part name, quantity, and maybe even a small thumbnail picture of the parts that are found in both 1.0 and 2.0 retail kits?

The goal is to provide an overlap chart for those wanting to put together an "Overlap Kit" - a kit that contains only those parts and quantities found in both kits so that builders could easily design robots (and BIs) that both 1.0 and 2.0 owners could build.

If someone creates this spreadsheet, please email it to me or give me the website link where it's located and I'll share it with the world along with full credit to its designer. Multiple submissions are okay - we can give our readers more options.


Unknown said…
Can't they just use Peeron? Go to and search "NXT", and both the NXT and NXT 2.0 are there with inventory. Unless you wanted something different.
Maybe, but that's not what I was asking... what I'm looking for is a spreadsheet that can be printed out or used on a non-Internet connected machine.
Anonymous said…
If Peeron has the info, I could probably do that, but since I don't actually have NXT 2.0, I don't know about the thumbnails.

Unknown said…
Peeron has thumbnail pictures too! If somebody had the time, they could easily do it with help from Peeron.

Laurens Valk said…
I've emailed a link to a parts overlap image to you, Jim.

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