Real World Test

OK, we've been talking theoretically about books and kits. Now, here is a real world example.

As you can see from this list, the parts used in my Endangered Species robots are all very common parts--it's all a problem of quantities. In fact, I first designed all of these robots for the 2.0 kit, but modified them so teachers and FLL leaders could use them.

Does a parts list like this make no one happy...everyone happy...?



I love this - they layout is clean and easy to tell at a glance what kinds of parts are required.

What would be nice is if we could come up with some sort of standard for describing a quantity of parts relative to a kit... for example, let's say you're robot uses a fictional Beam 25...

Would it be useful (or not) to have a diagram like the one you show here described as follows:

Beam 25 (6) [0, -3, +1]

What this means is that for the robot in question, you need 6 and, after using those 6, you'll have none left with a 1.0 kit (0), you will lack 3 with a 2.0 kit (-3) and you'll have one left over with the Education kit +1)

Just a thought... but I think it would make it easier for a quick glance to tell you if you lack a LOT of parts (a lot of minuses) or will have a lot of spares (lot of pluses)

Jetro said…
There might be a quick hack to get this done: if you create a new user profile on Peeron and add only the NXT 1 kit (for example) you can check any LDraw file you like against your inventory and it will tell you what you have, what you don't and which parts you have in the wrong colours.
LEGOmom said…

I like that idea you just posted re: Beam 25 (6) [0, -3, +1]

Looks great Fay! BTW and OT (sort of) While I was drooling over NXT2.0 BIs and lamenting we didn't have one, you should have heard me scream when my son, when looking at your Spitting Llama, said, "Oh we have that zamor shooter. It was in my XXX LEGO kit." We sat down and built Spitting Llama that day.

Thanks - glad you like it.

If you think about it, if you have a list like the one below, you just add up the column that belongs to your kit... if you have a positive total, it means you have less parts to hunt down... a negative number means you've got to buy more parts than you may like:

Beam 25 (6) [0, -3, +3]
Beam 1 (8) [+2, -2, 0]
Flux C (1) [-1, 0, -1]
Sonic S (1) [-1, -1, -1

Total [ 0, -6, +1]
Owners of 2.0 kits will have a larger number of parts to purchase... 1.0 and Ed not so much
Fay Rhodes said…
This is another other factor we haven't addressed. Many of you have parts from TECHNIC, BIONICLE, and other LEGO sets that can supplement your NXT set.
LEGOmom said…
Fay - yep! Actually, I plan to print a list of NXT2.0 parts not found in 1.0, and scrounge in all of our numerous LEGO bins and put together my own accessory kit and add it to my Education Resource kit which goes with each NXT1.0. They do not intermix with other LEGOs so that when we're ready to build, all the pieces are there and sorted in tackle boxes. DS has informed me we have TWO zamor shooters so that covers that. We have track type wheels from the LEGO bulldozer - the big one everyone Roboticized but I"m sure how those differ from NXT2.0.


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