Redesigned MINDSTORMS website up and running!

New Mindstorms website -

Let us know what you think!



Charlotte Gore said…
Looks good :)

The only problem is that it's broken the links from the NXT 2.0 software on the Mac (updates, community etc).
Unknown said…
Hu! Have you noticed that good-looking bearded guy with the glasses on the front page? ;)
Timotees said…
Looks Nice
Also new Building Instructions, A Weird machine :-).
Only, all the software files are gone, for the building instructions.
Unknown said…
The first thing I said was "WO!"
Great update!

Unknown said…
Looks good. Just looking around, though, I found a minor tweak. Here there are 2 "Software Developer Kit" links.
Aaron said…
I love the new website! Espiecally the Custom Scrollbars, that's a project I gave up on a while ago. :-)
Linus A. said…
I don't like what's happened to the former "NXTreme" section. The download links for SDK and BDK as well as the Fantom driver are more hidden than before, it takes many more clicks to get there. The interface looks cool but has extremly bad usability.

I mean, in "Technical support", category files, I have to select "Software Developers Kit" (which exists twice, for example). Then I have to click Downloads, and only then a new dynamic window will roll up (why dynamically?) to show me the actual content / name of the file.

That is really bad, I hope google will index the file names (e.g. "Executable file format specification.pdf") anyway. Otherwise you have a really hard time if you're looking for something particular.

What's wrong with the good old tables / lists (which you can browse or use your browsers find-function)? A sitemap or "contents / index" page is missing.

Apart from that, I like the design and colors, but the links look a bit ugly / too oldschool (looks a bit like done by amateur designers who don't know how to change the link color), but that's just a very personal opinion.

Also, the "classic clock" bonus model for the NXT 1.0 set still seems missing :-(

The funzone section looks interesting and well done.
Dan said…
about time... looks great though!
Menno Gorter said…
I'm missing a lot of stuff about the roots of NXT.
At least they could have updated the MDP-page with more recent members of the MCP?
Samarth said…
to find the update page go to: support/files/ and there you are

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