TV Review of the NXT and the NXT "Zoo" Book

Here's a seven-minute TV piece featuring the NXT and Fay Rhodes' "NXT Zoo" Book. The interview is in Swedish, but the film is fun to view even if you don't know the language. (If a Swedish-speaking reader could give us the gist of the interview, that would be great).

A companion print article, with a rough translation is English, is here.


That is AWESOME, Fay! I hope you can get a translation!
Unknown said…
wow, that was a really bad translation from googles side, ill see what i can do, ill hope you guys dont mind some spelling errors or grammaticall misshaps :)
Fay Rhodes said…
All we really want is some idea of what was said in the interview with the two men. Also, does anyone know who they are?
Laurens Valk said…
This looks great!

This made me think... Long time ago a few Swedish TV producers asked me to film my robots and myself for one of their tech shows. As far as I know, they had also asked Daniele Benedettelli. After filming, I didn't receive a word from them, anymore.

So, it might be the videos have been used in other episodes of this tv show. Can anyone confirm that?
Unknown said…
@Fay Rhodes:
Short summary:

They've tested Lego Mindstorms NXT based on the Zoo book. I guess they are not "lego people", just people from that TV show testing technical stuff.
Anyhow they say that the most funny part is to build Lego (not to play with it) but they are not good at because Lego has changed since they were 9 and played with Lego.
They recommend the book (and Lego Mindstorms NXT) as Christmas present for both children and adults.
They also recommend people to read more at the blog from the author of the book.

@Laurens Valk:
What kind of robots? RCX? NXT? What did they do? Can't remember anything at the moment.
Laurens Valk said…

I filmed a NXT grabbing robot, and Danny filmed his Johnny NXT, I think.

I don't have any problems with them using the videos I made, but at least a link to the episode in question would have been nice...

But, I'm not sure this is the same show, although it is likely...

Unknown said…
Hi All

looks like peter have already summarized the TV show :)

here is the a brief summery from the google translated article:

Seems like Google assumes that Lego is the same as Lego mercenary, the article is the second part of the TV Show where Dag and his father Erik are enthusiastically evaluating the book, it’s also mentioning that the book is in English and that you need to have some basic understanding of programming.
Pretty cool Fay I have this book and I recommend it also.
Could it be that the guys who built the gator did not setup the legs and gears properly it was walking funny? I have not built that one yet!
Rick Rhodes said…

Yes, you're right.

The TV guys didn't stagger the positioning of the gator's legs: one leg needs to be "up" and one "down". Unless you position them that way, the gator doesn't really walk--it just "rides the waves", like it did during the TV segment.

Rick R.

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