65 NXT Projects on CD

Just in time for the holidays, I have updated the project CD on nxtprograms.com, now called 65 Fun Projects for your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, to include building instructions and programs for all 65 of the NXT 1.X projects on the site, including the newer ones such as the Forklift, Dial Remote Control, Peg Sorter, Claw Striker, Trailer Pull, Combination Lock Box, and more...

The CD also contains the full verson of the new NXT Guitar Challenge Game project. The full version of this game is available only on the CD, and includes a PC (Windows) graphical song recorder/editor, so you can "record" and edit Guitar Challenge Game songs for your favorite music on your PC and download them to the NXT to play along with. Owners of the CD also get access to additional songs on the web submitted by other users of the game, and full source code for the game and recording programs, for those advanced NXT programmers who are interested in getting exposed to some NXC and C/C++ programming.

The CD is designed for the NXT 1.0 kits, although NXT 2.0 owners will be able to build many of the projects with minor substitutions if you also get the Education Resource Set. So if you already have an NXT in the family or are getting one for the holidays, the CD makes a great gift or stocking stuffer to give you and your child instant access to full building instructions and ready-to-run programs for 65 fun projects for your NXT, without needing to connect, wait, or worry about the internet.

Happy Holidays and Happy Building!


Robotica said…
nice gift !

I reused your designed in many of my own models, especially, the game-controller functions.
Thanks Dave for your effort in publishing it.
I'v been wanting to tell you Dave that your site is fantastic and a valuable resource for parents teachers kids and afol alike. Even tho a printed book would have more value add to me I decided to go ahead and purchase your cd. I feel that the quality of you projects, photos and program are well worth the 20$. I must add that ordering it was a breeze to do on your secured order form and shipping cost kept at a minimum help my decision to buy. Well done Dave :)
Fay Rhodes said…
Dave, I'm glad to see that your inspiring designs are available on disk. I'd like to add my vote for a paper version—but I'll take what I can get.
Dave Parker said…
Thanks all. I would like a print solution too, but I have a serious page count problem. I think I would be over 2000 pages with all these projects and photos. Maybe some day I will figure out some kind of a la carte on-demand thing. Or maybe I just wait until everyone owns a color Kindle :-)

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