Black NXT at sale

Amazon is selling the black NXT for $89.99, which is (correct me if I'm wrong) cheaper than a common white NXT when bought through regular channels. The link is here.
To my surprise, the brick is now also available in Europe through LEGO Shop @ Home, for 112.50 Euro.
The little dog you see there is one of the robots I built with this brick.


Linus A. said…
Google says:
112.50 Euro = 161.28 US-Dollar

Wow, overpriced...
Bill Shaw said…
What a great price! Mine is getting a bit scuffed so I'm in for two!
Mirakle said…
It's clearly overpriced in Europe !
Could you remember where is set Danemark...? ;-)
Aaron said…
Wow! Now Lego just needs to make Black NXT Motors and Sensors! Yeah, there are Black RCX Motors, but there are no Black Rotation Sensors to go with it!
Laurens Valk said…
Yes, us Europeans always pay a higher price for LEGO - whether it's TECHNIC or CITY - doesn't matter.

At least it is available now. On the bright side: if you have family or friends in the USA, you might ask them to buy it for you, which will cost you only 65 euro + shipping. Shipping doesn't have to cost much more than 15 euro.

This is how I ordered a few MINDSTORMS sensors some time ago.

Laurens is correct - someone could really do well by setting up a LEGO purchase co-op... basically take orders until the orders get large enough to justify the shipping costs. Partner with someone in each of the countries you wish to ship to to receive and disperse the loot.

Of course, I don't know the legalities of this... move forward at your own risk.
1.In Europe Lego costs a lot more;

2.One LEGO Mindstorms a Firenze, Italy, costs 300 euros!

My question is: Where in Milano or Rome can I find a LEGO Mindstorms for a fair price?
Fay Rhodes said…
The are a couple of Bricklink dealers in Italy who are currently selling NXT 2.0 kits. (
In Italy on that Bricklink prices range from 250 to 320 euro. Have to order by mail... I think they come from USA.

Even to buy a toy in Europe is strange. I wonder where this euro "free" market is going.
Robotica said…
I do like the dog,

are there Building instructions somewhere online?

Laurens Valk said…
I'm not sure, but I think you get a link to the BI's if you buy the brick. Can anyone who bought it confirm?

But, the BI's are here also if tat's easier:

You can build it with a regular NXT 1.0 kit + 3 40z gears. I haven't added instructions for the dog-like head, though, since I designed it after I made the BI's.
Paul NeoStormer said…
Just bought the last Black NXT available from LEGO on Amazon!

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