Guest Blog - Jerome M.

From Jerome:

I was looking for a Mac OSX utility that can export images in the *.ric file format but could not find one. So I decided to write one based on the free and open source image processing software ImageJ.

You can get the software from :

Comments welcome.


Armagon said…
That looks really handy, Jerome. Thank you!

[A couple of more technical questions:

1. Are advanced .ric features available (such as would be used by the Advanced Display Image Block at )?

And, how did you do the typing overlay on your screencast? Is it a feature new to ScreenFlow v2?]
Aaron said…
Wow, now I can finally add images to NXT-G 1.1 on my Mac! That outta' get rid of the urge to get 2.0!

Hmm, that screen recorder program looks cool, maybe I should get it sometime!
admin said…
So far only single sprite and copybits are supported. I'll look into the advanced features and try and add them. Thank you for the link.
And yes, the typing overlay is a new screenflow 2.0 feature. You can enable it under Screen Recording Properties/Keyboard panel.
Anonymous said…
That's Really Good But I don't Have a Mac Can You See If There's One For Windows?
admin said…
Simple Sprite Editor for Lego NXT is built on ImageJ. ImageJ is a Java app so it will work on any platform with Java.

* 1. Download the platform-specific version of ImageJ from:

* 2. Install ImageJ using the provided procedure.

* 3. Run ImageJ and update it to the latest version using the 'Help/Update ImageJ...' menu item, selecting 'daily build' in the dialog that will popup.

* 4. Now replace the 'macros' and 'plugins' folders of your ImageJ folder by those included in the provided osx zip file.

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