Guest Blog - video

Reader Thomas emailed me about this 2.0 video - it's tucked away on the new Mindstorms website, so there may be some of you who haven't seen it...

Click here and then click the Movie link at the bottom left of the screen.

Thanks, Thomas.


NickNackGus said…
It appears that the image conversion software in NXT-G 2.0 supports GRAYSCALE. This can be done by rapidly displaying a series of Black and White images (as in "not grayscale").

However, when I tried this, I was using the threshold method (display anything darker than the value n as black, the rest as white). The result looked like someone was playing with a dimmer switch. More recent attempts were less successful.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?

I've also had problems with RIC files and parameters. The NXT doesn't seem to accept any of my images. It will display them, but it will display it incorrectly. It doesn't even accept images that contain several images if it only displays one at a time.
Pe-ads said…
I love the expression on the guy's face when he shoots the gun. It's hilarious.

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