Komodo Dragon NXT

This Komodo Dragon is from the Endangered Species NXT book by Fay Rhodes. The still photo in the video is by Dave Parker.

The models in the book are built with the Education NXT (#9797) and the Education Resource Set (#9648). For those with other NXT kits, a chart of parts needed to build the book's models is below. (Click the graphic for an enlargement).


Great stuff, Fay - I think you're setting the standard now for providing BOMs for other kits...

I like the N-1, ED-2 stuff... makes more sense.

But just to be clear - the above would mean that 1.0 kit lacks 1 of the pieces and the ed kit lacks 2, right?
Fay Rhodes said…
Thanks, Jim.

Yes, "ED-2" means that the Education base set lacks two of these pieces. I'll try to make that clearer in the future.
Unknown said…
I built the model by myself and I think it wonderfully reflects Fay's special talent of micking real world behavior with simple and elegant solutions.

Readers of the book should keep in mind visiting Fay's web site accompanying the book (www.nxtzoo.com) for latest updates.

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