Creative robot builder Daniele Benedettelli has published a new NXT book: LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Thinking Robots.

"The book will show you how to build and program two robots that think. You'll be awestruck when the TTT Tickler ties you at tic-tac-toe and amazed when the One-Armed Wonder solves a Rubik's Cube in just a few minutes.

In addition to providing detailed instructions for building each model with either the original or the NXT 2.0 set, author Daniele Benedettelli takes you inside the robots to show you how they're designed, what makes them think, and how to use them."

You can view an excerpt of the book here.


amazing I have his other book with all of those awesome walkers this is a definate must buy and to make the robots with both 2.0 and 1.0 how thoughtfull :)
Fay Rhodes said…
What is the sphere at the top of the robot (on the cover)? It's not an NXT structure.
I think it's the LEGO camera that was sold with an add-on kit.
Laurens Valk said…
I think it's a regular webcam - the LEGO one would have LEGO studs on top, and that one isn't widely available.

The book description also says:
"Requirements: A computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher, one complete LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT or NXT 2.0 set, a webcam, some marbles, a couple of rubber bands, and an Internet connection (to download the programs)."

From what Danny told me some time ago, it seemed to me that readers don't have to be advanced programmers to get these models working. The ready-made programs can be downloaded from the web.

This one is on my list of books I'll buy after I finish my own book. (I can't afford to be distracted by interesting NXT projects right now :) )
I'm from Russia and cant buy this book from Amazon.
Have anybody chapter 4 only ? its instructions for NXT 2.0 set

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