New 3rd Party NXT Hardware!

From Dexter Industries has some new stuff that might interest our readers -

"Dexter Industries is passionate about robotics, making better control systems, and having fun. We aim to develop robotic devices and peripherals that are easy to use, fun to play with, and can have real-life applications scientists and engineers, and those aspiring to be. My first peripheral is pretty simple. I wanted to be able to control appliances around the house with NXT, just for fun. So I built what I’m calling the “dSwitch”, which allows you to turn on and off an appliance that’s plugged into it."

You can read more about it by clicking here.

We're hoping to have a review or two in the near future...



Anonymous said…
Very cool. I need one to turn off my CD player at night! :P

Aaron said…
Looks interesting! As long as you can find a really good use for it... You can hook it up to your bedroom light and a Real-time Clock Sensor and have it turn off at night! Hmm... that's not good enough... Ah-ha! Hook it up to a Sound Sensor and control your lights by voice! Now I want one too!

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