New Book on Electronics

I'm a huge fan of MAKE magazine. If you're not familiar with it, rush to the bookstore now because the latest issue (#20) is devoted to kids and has some outstanding projects for both kids and adults to do together. (It's got Adam Savage from MythBusters on the cover.)

MAKE magazine isn't just about robots, but it does cover them here and there. In addition to its robotics coverage, it does a great job of covering basic and advanced electronics. The magazine's publisher, O'Reilly, has just released a new book that some of you might be interested in - it's called "Make: Electronics" and is written by Charles Platt.

I've already purchased a copy and can't wait to get my hands on it and start following along with its tutorials. It's billed as a hands-on book, where you'll be learning by doing... and likely making mistakes and burning out components. Based on that description, I'm totally in...

I'll be posting a more thorough review once I get my copy and work through its hands-on exercises, but for you parents out there who have a child who has shown a strong interest in electronics and circuitry, this may be a great investment for encouraging that curiosity.


Brian Davis said…
I'll have to check this out - my son & I are working on the H2/O2 two-stage rocket, and there are a *lot* of great projects in this for kids (and overgrown kids).
Aaron said…
The front page of that book looks interesting! It looks like some type of LED blinker or visual slider thing! I'd want to get that!
Pe-ads said…
Does anyone know if MAKE is available in the UK? I know WIRED has a UK edition now, and I buy that sometimes, but none of my local newsagents seem to stock MAKE. Is it US only, or will they order it in for me?



I don't know, but I'll find out for you. Are you wanting a magazine subscription to be sent to you? Or are you just wanting to know if they'll ship this particular book to you?

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