New NXT 2.0 Book for Teens?

I just happened to come across a new book on Amazon available for pre-order: Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 for Teens by Jerry Lee Ford. I didn't recognize the author... does anyone know something about this book? I'm couldn't tell from the description how the book applies specifically to teenagers; it seems more like a beginner's programming guide.

There also appears to be a new book coming out by No Starch: The Art of NXT-G Programming by Griffin Terry. I didn't recognize this author either, but the title and description sound similar to Jim's NXT-G programming guide.



Laurens Valk said…
Both books have appeared online for some time. I don't know about the book by mr. Ford, but I think Jim told me it might be school curriculum.

Looking at the number of pages (400) of the "Art of NXT-G programming" book, I am guessing it is more in depth than any NXT-G book so far.
If it's coming from No Starch, it's not likely to be school curriculum - I originally thought that when very little info was available, including publisher.

Yes, 400 pages is huge! We'll keep an eye on this one...
Actually that would make sense that the "Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 for Teens" would be for school curriculum; the publisher isn't No Starch, it's a company called "Course Technologies PTR".

That's a good observation about the page count of the programming book; sounds interesting.

Laurens Valk said…
Jim, actually you were right the first time :)
I quote: "I haven't heard of that book or author, but PTR is an education division I believe... so this is likely school curriculum." That sounds about right.

The other book is coming from No Starch. Terry Griffin has been part of the MCP3, and has also been active on NXTasy for some time.

Either way, there are a lot of NXT-G books on the market now and to come. This includes my own book, in which I also explain NXT-G - from the start (move blocks) onto Data Wires and that kind of programming...

I'm sure Griffin's book will be a very complete guide.


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