New NXTLog Challenge - Robotic Arm!

With the end of the previous Snap Bot challenge, the new challenge is up - Robotic Arm! The rules remain the same - no limit on the amount of hardware used, and your entry must be tagged "roboticarm". From NXTLog -

"Robotic arms are no longer the work of science fiction writers. They are shaping the future of industry and medicine. Bionic arms give amputees a new lease on life enabling them grab, reach, and hug. Industrial arms make assembly line tasks safer and more efficient. They even allow astronauts to work better in space. On the fun side, robotic arms can be used as candy grabbers, pancake flippers, or even back scratchers! Your first NXTLOG challenge of the new decade is to design a MINDSTORMS NXT robotic arm."

The interesting aspect to this challenge is the question... how many degrees of freedom will your arm have?

Full information can be found at NXTLog:

Good luck!



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