NXT 2.0 Forklift

I have posted an NXT 2.0 Forklift project, which is a variation on my original NXT 1.0 version. The NXT 2.0 version adds the use of the color sensor as a "warning light" to shine three different colors depending on what the forklift is doing (e.g. light flashes red and NXT beeps when backing up).

The forklift can do autonomous tasks with the help of the ultrasonic sensor, and you can also control it via Bluetooth remote control. The built-in remote control feature in the NXT 2.0 software can be used to drive the forklift, but it is inconvenient to control the lift because you cannot easily reverse the 3rd motor on the fly using the built-in remote control. Fortunately, Anders Søborg has provided this free PC Bluetooth Vehicle Remote program, which is more flexible, so instructions for using this are included. Anders' program works fine with either NXT 1.0 or NXT 2.0, so it is a nice upgrade for 2.0 users or a great new tool for 1.0 users (PC only, sorry no Mac version).

Instructions and programs to control this forklift by Bluetooth from another NXT will follow in my next project post.

Here is a video of the forklift in action:


Aaron said…
That is one literally awesome design!

Along with controlling it with your computer, you can build an NXT Joystick with an Acceleration Sensor, you might find that easier to control...

Either way, Happy New Year everyone!
care said…
that is awesome im still learning the basics
Chr12t0pher said…
i built this model off the nxt programs site and thought, why not program it to go and pick it up again? So i did and it is amazing, i also made use of the screen so it is semi user controled:

Picking up balls
Puting down balls


is the link to the instructions, if you want ill upload by revised program!
Unknown said…
can this be build with mindstorm nxt 2.0?? do you have a manual? i really need help pleaseeee
NXTelectroneer said…
'nxt-remote' is good remote controller program, also there is
another remote controller named 'BlueMarionette'.
Its major feature is controlling motors and reading sensors at the same time.
please visit its home page if you are interested.

- NXTelectroneer

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