NXT 2.0 Guitar Challenge Game

The NXT 2.0 version of the NXT Guitar Challenge Game is now posted (See earlier post for more description of this project). Compared to the NXT 1.0 version, the building instructions are modified for the different parts mix, as are the NXT-G "Free Play" programs (for color sensor, etc.), but the programs for the "Game Mode" play and song recording (compiled from NXC) are unmodified and run just fine on the newer 2.0 firmware.

Note that the bonus materials offered on the CD (Windows song recorder/editor, NXC source code for Game Mode play and NXT recording) apply unchanged for NXT 2.0, since Game Mode is the same between the two versions (although the CD is primarily designed for NXT 1.0 users).

I still need to find time to make a newer/better video and will when I can.


Robotica said…
He Dave, Why not ask our readers to make a movie and post the link here in the comments?

I say the game is on!

good luck in creating a mind blowing video of you and your guitar.


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