Question for owners of the 2.0 kit

I'm curious to know how 2.0 owners have managed with using 1.0 building instructions and modifying the designs.

* Have any 2.0 owners updated 1.0 designs that would like to share them?
* How easy or difficult has it been to re-design 1.0 robots using 2.0 parts?
* What parts from 1.0 are you finding you miss the most?

I just want to start a discussion here to understand if there's even a sufficient percentage of 2.0 owners who are trying to use 1.0 material to warrant updating a lot of the 1.0 info.



Unknown said…
My wife purchased the NXT 2.0 kit along with the Lego Education 9648 box, a sound sensor and a package of 15 length beams for Christmas for me. So, I'm very fortunate to have, as far as I know, all the parts from 1.0 and then some. However, I have built the Tilted Twister cube solver which was a 1.0 design and I found myself using many MANY parts from the 9648 kit. I would say I would be lost without all the 15 length beams for sure. The 2.0 kit is definitely lacking in the 15 length beams.
Unknown said…
I really love the 2.0 Kit - There are some very cool parts which I've never used much, because I didn't had as many as them as in the 2.0 kit.

I bought the book "One Kit Wonders" Together with the set. (Yes, I know it's written for the 1.0 kit)
There is a "big" collection of technic bricks in my collection - But I had one really big problem: The 2.0 set didn't include nearly enough "32278 Technic Liftarm 1 x 15 Straight" (as denoted on lugnet) to build one of the models - Even with all of them from my additional collection I didn't have enough of them.
I helped myself with replacing some of the long beams with shorter ones (Maybe I'll create an ldraw file someday), especially at the sides of the bot.
Aaron said…
I have an NXT 1.0 Kit, along with quite a few Technic sets over the years: I have the 1.0 Kit, Off-Roader, Old Technic Farm Harvester, Technic Crane (the treaded one), Technic Cherry Picker. and a few other small sets... And don't have a single problem building robots that require 1.0, 2.0, and\or Edu.
Unknown said…
Moritz.... my description of "15 length beams" should be what you called them, 32278 Technic Liftarm 1 x 15 Straight. I guess that makes two of us.....
Maico Arts said…
Because I have quite a large Technic collection, it is no problem for me to build the models. I will just use all the needed parts from my Technic collection
Unknown said…
I personally love the Zamor shooter, but I miss the claw pieces, which made robotic arms easier to build. I also wish they had the "normal" gears (z24, z8, z40) Otherwise, I like the stuff included in the box (like the two-length beams with cross axle and round hole) I love my color sensor, too!

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