Unofficial NXT 2.0 to 1.0 upgrade kit

Bill Shaw over on the forums has assembled an unofficial retrograde kit for NXT 2.0 users wanting to build 1.0 models. From his website (

"If you own the new LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT v2 Kit (Set 8547), this Unofficial NXT Retrograde kit contains just about everything you need to build robots designed for the NXT v1 kit (Set 8527). You get 180 lego elements, including an NXT sound sensor"

Even the tricky sound sensor! Priced at $80 US, I'd say this is a fair deal. The website says it is in limited stock, so you might want to grab it if you need it while you can!

If anyone purchases from here, let us know how it goes!



Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good idea, except, wouldn't that be a "downgrade" kit, not an "upgrade" kit?

Andy D said…
Looks like a great idea! But I did not see a Light Sensor included. I know the NXT 2.0 has a Color Sensor, but when programming using NXT-G the Color Sensor in Light Sensor mode does not seem to have all the outputs that just a straight Light Sensor has.

Seems to me that at regular Light Sensor might be more useful than the Sound Sensor, or include both.

Bill Shaw said…
I considered including both but chose not to to keep the price reasonable. According to TLG, the color sensor can be used as a light sensor since it supports light levels in the programming. LEGO advertises it as a combination light sensor, color sensor and light source in their materials.

You can purchase the light sensor separately through my Bricklink Store. In fact, I should probably make it available on my website so they can be shipped together. Thank you for the idea!
Laurens Valk said…

What functionality does the Light Sensor have that the Color Sensor has not?

I can only think of the fact that NXT-G won't let you use the "raw" light sensor value of the color sensor, but I wouldn't see this as a problem. Usually, the 0-100 resolution is just fine.

A sound sensor seems like a nice addition to a 2.0 set.

Andy D said…

On the NXT 1.0 Light Sensor there is an output "Intensity", and "Raw".

On the Color Sensor there a Yes/No output which is a logic value (0/1, True/False) and a Detected Color Output which is not used in Light Sensor Mode.

I've not yet seen a method to duplicate the "Intensity" or "Raw" outputs.

If you know, let me know,


Laurens Valk said…

Well, just use the "Detected color" plug when the block is configured in Light sensor mode and it will output the light intensity.

The help files in the software are faulty here - the plug isn't ignored at all. :)

So, the color sensor works just perfect as a light sensor.

Andy D said…
Wow! Thanks, that is good to know! I suspect that there were many like me who read the help file and just figured the Detected Color output was used just as it was described and did not even try (like me) to use the output for anything else.

I will try that soon.



P.S. Now if LEGO would just change the help file.
Dave Parker said…
In Light Sensor mode, the Color sensor is very similar to the old Light Sensor mode when looking at color = intensity, except:

1. It requires a different NXT-G block (so you will need to edit any programs using it), but worse:

2. Calibration is not supported. So programs that depend on the NXT-G calibration feature (either via the built-in Calibrate program available in the menu, or via the Calibrate block) will not get the calibration they expect.

I have posted a few projects on that depend on calibration, for example.

Nevertheless, this expansion kit should be very useful to a lot of 2.0 users, thanks for making it available Bill!

Bill, a suggestion to control costs: Offer the kit without either a Light Sensor or Sound sensor, clearly mark as such, and link to where you can buy either or both of these direct from
Andy D said…
Sorry to have derailed this into a discussion about the Color vs. Light Sensor. To slow this I will post a topic on the forums in the General Discussion area.

I think Dave's idea about a kit without any sensors is a great idea as well.

Finally, Bill, I do want to also offer my thanks for taking the time to put your NXT 1.0 to 2.0 kit and this NXT 2.0 to 1.0 kit together I believe it will be a great help.

dude said…
i live in canada and man are your prices out of range! 150 is not cheep bro! so if you don't want to you don't have to but i suggest that you lower the shipping price to like 20.

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