DualGrip-NXT Rover

MCP Dave Astolfo has published a new NXT robot of his: the DualGrip.
As the author states:
"The idea was to have a treaded robot that could navigate varying terrain, turn quickly and of course, climb.  Based on my experience with my other robots using the same tracks (eg UNV and DynaTrax), I found that they were not very good when it came to inclines.  I figured that the LEGO rubber wheels have great traction on most surfaces, so why not slap a set of them along with the treads."
The point with the DualGrip is that it switches from tread drive to wheel drive when it encounters an incline - pretty good idea, isn't it?

Have a look at the three web pages associated to the robot - there's a lot of information on the DualGrip to be found, including two more movies.


brilliant idea :) I love how you did that. took a couple views but the second time I watched it I noticed even the treads are moving at first I thought just the wheels went down but then I noticed that the treads still moved while the wheels were down and I noticed they both turn so that the wheels are touching the ground instaed of treads...hope that was understandable.
Milo said…
scorpion could turn off gator if correctly positioned =)

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