High Bay Warehouse Video is FINALLY here!

Back in October, there was a post here about the incredible Lego Mindstorms High Bay Warehouse

Joe Meno has posted an incredible video of the warehouse in operation at LEGOWorld Zwolle in 2009.  Incredible stuff, and I think we all want to see more video!


Robotica said…
I just can say, come and see the model at LEGOWORLD Copenhagen, Denmark. 18-21 Feb. 2010.

see their website for more information LEGOWORLD

I will keep you posted, and, no you do not want to see it current state... :(

Aaron said…
I think the steering design on the trucks was awesome! That must of taken a lot of thinking!
NXTPuny said…
That is Very impressive, Im just wondering however, How many NXTs are in that project?
Robotica said…
we used over 25 NXTs

the big-robot cranes, have two nxts communicating via BT or via a RS485 cable connection.

the car knows were to stop by scanning the bar codes on the side of the track. there is even a special designed light protocol to communicate between the cranes, roller tracks, and cars.

NXTPuny said…
Wow, thanks martyn, It is very impressive, thanks.
Dan said…
25 NXT's! do you use AA batteries, the LEGO battery or some kind of charging devise? because if its AA's thats a lot of batteries :D
Nice Work!
Robotica said…

We use the education battery pack in all the NXTs.
Also All the NXTs, except for the cars are connected to a charger.

the cars can almost run a day on the battery pack.

Fay Rhodes said…
Mind boggling! Who did you work with?
Unknown said…
hi, dude, I want know how does the crane which function is pick the box from belt to car works? it could not load the heavy arm. I think maybe you use some other power supply to get more power to this crane ?(the motor could not rise up from when it pick a box) >.<

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