Jan 19, 2010

International Translations for the Classroom

It just occurred to me that, as a self-publisher, I can give anyone the right to translate and share the text portion my Endangered Species book. Therefore, I want to officially post this notice:

Any non-English-speaking person who has purchased my Book, Robots Alive! Endangered Species, has my permission to translate the text portion of the book into another language---with one stipulation. The stipulation is that you send me a copy of the translation, so that I can make it available on the book's website (and other websites you recommend).

It can be offered in Word or PDF form---though I recommend PDF form.

I also request that you have your translation reviewed by other people who are fluent English-speakers and that you identify yourself as the translator, so suggested corrections can be sent to you.

The documents may be sent to author@thenxtzoo.com.

1 comment:

Damien Kee said...

Great move Fay! I'm currently having mine translated into arabic!

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