King's Treasure Parts List for Education Set/Resource Set

UPDATE: Although the PDF files here show the Color Sensor as a required component, that is not the actual case - the Light Sensor can easily be substituted and the challenge modified to work with grayscale. Sorry for the confusion.

Chris Smith has been hard at work putting together two PDF files:

1. A list of parts required for King's Treasure but not found in the Education Base Set


2. A list of parts required for King's Treasure but not found in Ed Base Set plus Resource Set

Click on a link above to download the PDF.

LEGO Education created and sold a parts pack for The Mayan Adventure that provided parts for Education Base Set owners so they could build the robots in that book... I have no word or idea whether LEGO Education will do the same for The King's Treasure, but I'll be inquiring and let you know when I know something.

Thanks, Chris - I know many teachers who have been anxiously awaiting this!


Bill Shaw said…
Unless there is now a separate download for the Color Sensor block, one item missing from the list is the NXT-G v2 CD-ROM. The Educational CD available as an upgrade doesn't have support for the color sensor.
I'll have to update this post, but the Color Sensor is NOT required for the book... sorry about that. While it will be useful (and you can substitute the HiTechnic Color Sensor easily enough), the Light Sensor can be used and the challenge modified slightly to detect grayscale. (I explain this in the book and offer a suggestion for using the Light Sensor in place of the Color Sensor).

Unknown said…
you need the nxt 2.0 retail set to have all the parts

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