NXT - Snow Crawler

Here is another great robot from long-time reader bazmarc.

"Take an 8263 Snow Groomer alternate model, mix it with an NXT kit, wait for a sunny winter day and you get this great little Snow Crawler -- i really had fun filming it and i felt like a kid again (ok so i often do :) "

Damien Kee


Anonymous said…
This makes me want the set even more!

Great job!
Dan said…
that is soo cool, id'e love to have one! If only we had snow in Australia :(
It seems to tip over easily probably because of the 'Brick', possibly by making the center of gravity lower to the ground (some how) would give it more stability.

Still great build!
thanks for your comments guys, today it is snowing again, a lot, it's like a blizzard out there it will take a while before i can film any mods i may bring to this little Arctic Tracker Snow Crawler. Also as i suspected the Ultrasonic sensor cannot be used to detect wholes in front of it in the snow, i tested it earlier before the storm and all i got where ????? in VIEW mode on the brick -- i think the snow absorbs the ultrasound and so the idea to have it pointing downward is no go -- any idea for allowing this robot not to fall in my dogs track? maybe a sliding skid connected to a touch sensor place in front of the vehicle?? I'll have to try that to make it really autonomous :)
Pe-ads said…
Perhaps a light sensor on reflect would work? Although a touch sensor would probably work better, as you'll probably get snow glare messing with the light sensor.

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