Off roading at it's finest?

The video speaks for itself.  The "digital dashboard" is phenomenal, and the suspension is impressive.  This uses 2 NXTs, differentials PF motors, and more... just watch the video...

Here is the video (approximately 4 and a half minutes long):

And here is the website:


Anonymous said…

Now if only I had the parts to make it...

Aaron said…
Wow, that's the best off-roader ever!

But one question, he said he used NXT 1.0, and he had Lego firmware. How did he connect to the other NXT automatically with 1.0? And further than that, how did he start a program automatically on the vehicle? Is it a special BT message?
I wish I had the parts (and the brains) to make something like that. It is a brilliant robot.
Armagon said…

in the linked-to page, he specified which firmware versions he is using (1.04 and 1.07), and states, in a list of bullet points, "Automatic Bluetooth communication setup. Using NXC System Calls in RC Module. See the NXC Source Code for more details on this."
Linus A. said…
I don't know why my first comment didn't come through, but anyway, here's my second try:

Aaron, the code lines for the "automatic bluetooth connection" from NXC are in this file here: , from line 522 onwards. J. Hansen's enhanced Firmware is needed for this to work.

To start a program on another NXT (which has to be already connected via Bluetooth), you can use the NXC-Function RemoteStartProgram. This is supported by all firmware versions.

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