Regulating an aquarium's temperature with a NXT

Dave Astolfo is pretty productive presently: following the DualGrip NXT Rover from last week, he has published a new NXT creation of his: the dSwitch Aquasaurs Temp Monitor.
It monitors and regulates the heat in a aquarium, using the dSwitch from Dexter Industries:
"The NXT is programmed to monitor the temperature using the LEGO temperature sensor and the dSwitch NXT-G block is used to turn the light on and off based on temperature thresholds.  My current setup has the dSwitch turn the light on when the water temperature is below 72F and turn it off when it hits 79F.  With NXT-G I am also able to control how often it polls the temperature to ensure that the granularity of monitoring is over a longer period of time."
Interesting application!


Eric McDonough said…
Finally I can build my own Clapper with a dSwitch and a sound sensor.
Brian Davis said…
Actually, that's the first thing I tried... with good results. I'll try to post on it, but animated Christmas trees are certainly fun.

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