Remember the TV show, Battle Bots?

While looking around YouTube the other day I found this video of how some folks in a Russian(?) office let off steam. It is a form of “Battle Bots” and no ROBOTS were injured in the making of this video.

Be sure to turn down the volume! It is quite loud!

I hope you enjoy it.

If life gives you LEGO®, build ROBOTS.



slookin said…
Yes, It Russian team "over9000team"
Their LJ:

But this clip not very interesting because these "robots" very stupid and controlled from PC.
Dave Parker said…
Nice idea with the balloons! I play almost exactly this game with my robotics students every season and it is always a hit. We normally have to count hits to score, the balloons would make that easier (and less controversial) to spot and more exciting. We have tried variations involving knocking LEGO pieces off, but it is always hard to make a "fair" setup.

Without anything to knock off or pop, our typical normal rule is that to win you need 3 clean hits on separate occasions (robots must separate and then come together again to count as a separate hit), or if you push the other robot outside of the boundary (tape on the floor) or they drive outside on their own, it is an instant win. So it's like Sumo with the striking added.

We do this both automously and also remote controlled. It may seem pretty low-brow in r/c mode, but actually it is pretty challenging for the kids to design a good bot and a good remote strategy, and the overall game strategy is also non-trivial. Kind of like mixed martial arts: Do you have a striking stragegy or a "ground game" (wrestling) or both? Can you take one hit, maintain contact, then push them out? Can the other robot break free and strike again?
Linus A. said…
Mario Kart's battle mode in real-life...
Unknown said…
thanks for the reminder..but i didnt listen..aww, its loud..alwell, i like the concept of this vid..

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