RobotChallenge 2010 in Vienna

On 20th and 21st of March, in Vienna the RobotChallenge 2010 will take place, Europe's biggest robotics contest.
Form a press release of the hosts:
"Participants from all over the world will compete against each other with self-made, autonomous robots. As a novelty this year, the European Robot Sumo Championship will coincide with the RobotChallenge 2010; celebrating its premiere in Vienna.
On March 20 and 21, 2010, the Vienna science auditorium will transform into a setting of one of the biggest robotic competitions worldwide. Participants aged 12 - 60 years will compete with their robots in eleven disciplines on 2,000 square metres. The Austrian Society for Innovative Computer Science (InnoC), in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Science, expects more than over 200 robots from all over the world. "During the last few years the RobotChallenge has established itself as an international event in the area of robotics. "Participants arrive from over 15 countries every year," says Roland Stelzer, organiser.
The RobotChallenge 2010 consists of eleven disciplines, offering suitable contests for beginners as well as for experienced robot designers. Aside from the traditional contests Line Follower, Line Follower Enhanced and Puck Collect, so-called humanoid robots - modelled after the human form - compete in two disciplines.
This year, the European Robot Sumo Championship will be held together with RobotChallenge and European Championships will be awarded for six Robot Sumo weight classes for the first time. As in the traditional Japanese martial arts, the robots try to push the competitor off the ring.
Extraordinary and particularly original robots can be admired in the Freestyle Exhibition. Considering the creative diversity displayed in previous years, numerous oddities in the world of robots can again be expected this year.
Aside from the benefit of free admission, the audience can expect a suspenseful and varied show, as well as the odd chance to look over robot designers' shoulders during last minute preparations."
Deadline for free registration of participants is February 28,2010.


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