WorldFest - April 2010

So, who's coming to the party!?

Once again, teams are heading to Atlanta for WorldFest... I'm looking forward to this April's competition - the FLL challenge this year just seems more difficult. And more fun to watch. I've yet to see a perfect score (not saying they don't exist), so I'm hoping to see a few during the event.

Are you coming? Introduce yourself and your team! LEGO will once again have a booth with plenty of robots, books, and giveaways (I'm guessing on that last one, but they rarely disappoint). Come by the booth and say hello to the MCPs and LEGO folks who make the trip. I'll try to get a list of all the MCPers and/or book authors who will be there... bring your books and get them signed.

Be sure to look me up and say hello!



I wish I could come to this so badly. For everyone else who goes I hope you have fun :)
Unknown said…
At the Northern California state tournament there were 3 teams with at least one 400. The winner of robot performance got 2.
Ivan Seidel said…
not this time... i gone 1 time, last year, with the team "emerotecos" and won 1 place in missions, an 3 place in programming... i think that that is enougth.
good luck for every one!
Fay Rhodes said…
I'm going to be there!

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