Another way of using the Power Functions remote handset to control the NXT

Philo, author of many a NXT LDraw part and renowned expert of NXT electronics, has published an artcle on his web site on another possibility of using the Power Functions remote handset to control a NXT. In contrast to other already existing solutions to do this (e.g. Dave Parker's or Mike Brandl's), Philo's one allows for using all nine different combinations of the PF handset:

"The idea is simple: combine the outputs of the PF receiver with well chosen resistor values to obtain a different voltage for each combination of controls and measure this voltage with the NXT."

Yet, you need to do some soldering inside of the PF receiver for that.


NXTreme said…
Very cool! I have been wanting to do this ever since PF first came out. It seems to me that you could make this modification removable (so that you wouldn't have to take apart the receiver) with just three half PF cables, a half NXT cable and the required resistors. If you just solder everything together the right way you could just push the cables on the right places on the receiver and plug it in to an NXT. That way you wouldn’t have to modify the actual PF receiver. Just thinking…

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