Have you seen any incredible Rubik's Cube solving robots lately?  Ya, that Speedcuber was pretty cool.  But believe it or not, the king has already been dethroned (in my opinion at least).  This thing reminds me of the Large Hadron Collider and is probably just as impressive.  Extra credit for pulling off the teal and purple parts, plus all the lights.  This one will make you stand up and clap.


IAssemble said…
I agree that Cubestormer is even more impressive than Speedcuber... It is worth noting too that I don't belive it uses NXTs - it says in the description that it uses Mindstorms RCX - spectacular!
Incredible... love the LED effects as well. Makes it look really high tech.

10 seconds!!! fastest I can is 2 minutes. This is brilliant robot it looks cool too :) How did he get the motors running so fast? I thought it was sped up until he showed the timer.

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