FLL-BENELUX final (NL, Arnhem, Papendeal)

Saturday 6 Feb. 2010 at Papendal we attended the Dutch FLL final.
and the winners are:

Team 259, Smove; College Hageveld, Heemstede

Team 127, Heroes on Tour; Herta-Lebenstein-Realschule, Stadtlohn (Germany)

Team 176, WierdeWereldWegen; De Wierde, Almelo

team 221, Mind Vermeer; Montessorischool Jan Vermeer, Delft

Congratulation to all the winners, and good luck in Atlanta!
Edit: See here for a section in the Dutch Kids News, (Jeugd journaal)


Robotica said…
news on the robots start (in dutch at 6:00 min)

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