Hexapod Walker

Another really cool video has surfaced on YouTube.com. GusJanss has produced an awesome hexapod walker. This robot can turn, change its pace, and use a light sensor and an ultrasonic sensor to navigate. He achieves some really cool movements out of just three motors. Nice work!


Ivan Seidel said…
very cool! thats the kind of robot, that i love: simple, compact, and eficient! congratulations... u made a good job
Anonymous said…
I have also put up some photos on Flickr if you are interested. And no, I have not made instructions yet for the model, hopefully the photos will help if you want to try building it.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/9836584@N03/sets/72157623215601373/>Flick Photo Set</a>
Shep said…
Gus, your robot got picked up by Make Magazine. Enjoy the limelight for a day or two!!!

Phil Eudy said…
I remember you from the NW brick con. you were over at the mindstorms/technic/GBC table near me. You build some awesome machines, looks great. I'd love to see the program. Phil

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