In Recognition of the Start of the Vancouver Olympics

My husband and I are fans of curling and created this video a few years ago.

I know the robot is rather lame, but it was just for fun---so enjoy!


Unknown said…
I actually thought the robot was cool! curling is such an awesome sport and i am very excited for the Winter Olympics!
Unknown said…
LOL!!! I really like the music! I kind of like curling. It's different. Anyway, funny video! I like how they make it so dramatic!
I loved the hat! Now you need to make a couple more to sweep ahead of the "stone" as it goes down. Well done!
Robolab 2.9 said…
Also to celebrate - apparently - snow in all 50 states in one day!

Unknown said…
Sad, that it has been disabled by YouTube in Germany due to the copyright issues with Sony, and thus can not be viewed here. :(
Rick Rhodes said…

In the US, Amazon has "monetized" the youtube video, putting a link at the bottom for purchasing the copyrighted song. :)

Rick R.

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