Learning about Electronics

I posted back in December about a new book titled Make: Electronics by Charles Platt. I contacted Make: magazine and asked them if they would mind if I documented my experiences with the book and its projects in a blog format... they gave me their blessing and I got to work.

I've just completed Experiment 14 (of 36)... and I'm continuing to move forward. You can check out my work and learn more about the book's contents at handsonelectronics.blogspot.com.

I'm blown away by this book - if you're a student or an adult and want to learn more about circuit building, you're going to love this book. It's easy to read and the experiments are easy to follow. The author provides lists of all the items you'll need for each chapter (a shopping list), including tools.


Armagon said…
Awesome. I might just have to break out all of my electronics gear and try again to learn how to really use it.

Thanks for putting up the blog and letting us know about it.

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