Mar 1, 2010

LEGOWORLD 2010 Denmark, aftermath

So, after 4 days LEGOWORLD Copenhagen is over, but what happened to that massive High bay warehouse?

Well, we took it apart (in 2 hours) to ship back to LEGO headquarters, were it will stay until its next demonstration. Here are some of the pictures.

The big gray robot crane, and its foundation take 2 boxes.

Now you can see the three main robot cranes (each 2 boxes), and in front of it are the roller tracks.

The road sections will fill up 3 boxes.

ALmost all is down, except for the main grid (24 boxes).

Putting it away in the mover boxes (K8).

All packed on 5 Pallets, 60 boxes, ready for shipping to the Billund warehouse.

Hope you all enjoyed it, see you next time.



Steve said...

Martyn, who's in the last picture with you?


Andy Dannelley said...

From the photos and videos of the High Bay Warehouse it looks absolutely phenomenal!

Is it ever coming to the USA? If so, when/where?

Tim said...

I'm sure this will create an interesting conversation: "Yes, we do have a warehouse in our warehouse..."

Laurens Valk said...


From left to right: Eric, Gerrit, Martijn.

Robotica said...

Laurens is right, the persons in the last picture are the three main builders.

Eric, Gerrit and me (aka Martyn).

We did had some help from Family, Xander, Friends, neighbor kids.

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