New LEGO (non-NXT) book

Okay, it's not related to NXT, but as someone who has visited and LOVED New York City, I thought this was just too cool a book not to share. Christoph Niemann has released "I LEGO N.Y." - where the heart is made of LEGO bricks - and it's a collection of sights, sounds, buildings, food, and more... all related to New York City.

There's a lot of subtle humor in the book... and some of the items are beyond my understanding - I think you HAVE to be a New Yorker to get it all. (I do love his take on Marilyn Monroe - very cute! And the image of Nathan's Hot Dog... I've had one. Awesome.)

Maybe someone needs to contact Abrams Image and suggest a similar book using NXT robots!



i just received this one from, very well made in thick cardboard (like a child book) sits well on coffee table, a must for AFOL

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