Yellow Cube Machine

It seems like there is another Rubik's Cube solver every day! This is one of the better looking one's, mostly yellow LEGO bricks.

An all LEGO solver, including the webcam from LEGO Vision. The laptop does the actual solution, and is connected to 2 NXTs to manipulate the cube. The laptop communicates with one of the NXTs via USB and the NXTs communicate with each other via Bluetooth. Enjoy!


Andy D


Jetro said…
Curious: this is exactly the same mechanical solution as the one that Arm used in their claim to fame for a fast cube solver

So who copied who and which was first?
Unknown said…
Interesting. Seems to be some derivative of the Speed Cuber by the same creator about which THE NXT STEP blogged two weeks ago.
Andy D said…
Hmmm.... I didn't notice that before, but after further examination it appears that there may be a group of folks using the same or similar LEGO constructions and different control mechanisms (ARM or laptop).

It would be interesting to see a head to head of some of the best with the same cube starting point.

Derivative work and solutions of any problem helps to advance the state of the art in any discipline. Go Cubers!
Eric said…
The Guy who made this (David Gilday) works at ARM. So presumably, one is his video, and one is ARM's.

Interestingly, his son was in my 2009 FLL team (Technobotts)
it seems this indeed isnt the world record as the other guy solved it in 10 seconds :) I still this this is a brilliant robot though we have seen pretty much the same thing a few weeks ago but w/e this one uses 1 more lego peice (a camera)

while the other one was faster I kinda like the looks of this one better

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