Give your Brick some color

Reader Sebastian T. emailed me with this item. If anyone buys and tries it, please let me know your thoughts on the final results.

Adhesive Foil/Cover for LEGO Mindstorms NXT

You can read more about it here. I like the Orange the best.


OooK, I guess a little color might be nice, but I can't see myself sticking adhesive foil/covers on my NXT brick. And Reee-Bot the Roving Robot Reporter says..."my official black suit was fine, but this is a bit much!!!"
Martijn H. said…
hmmm, adhesive foil.
It sounds like a good idea, but I think it will come loose, bubble, crink, rip,... after a week.
When you look at the photo, you can already see some bubbleing on the bottom-left.
Synan said…
If it was a plastic snap-on/snap-off piece I would be all for it. A way to easily differentiate between the NXTs for Bluetooth communications (Not NXT 1, NXT 2, NXT Black, etc.)
But if there's one thing I NEVER do, is put stickers on my Lego bricks, and most certainly not my NXT pieces.
I'll bet that the adhesive isn't strong... meaning you can easily pull it off without leaving residue.

But until someone who's used it can enlighten us, the issue remains a serious hindrance to purchase...

Anyone know?
Fay Rhodes said…
It isn't really necessary to stick anything to the brick. Just make a paper pattern, (I've included one at the end of my newest book, Robots Alive! Endangered Species) then cut out a cover using paper, foil, cloth---or whatever you have.

The trick is to make sure that the cover overlaps adequately in the back. There are always enough pins and beams to hold it in place.
Andy D said…
I like Fay's idea. That way, you can use whatever material you desire and if so inclined you could change for every build.
that actually is a pretty good idea. I think making some cloth sleeve like things are great if you made something that was cut perfectly and fit snug over it than it would have peices extending over the top bottom and sides that will be pinned to the 12 holes in the bottom by 12 pins and some beams :)
Fay Rhodes said…
I've posted the pattern for download at It's a PDF file.
Trella said…
Hi! I have tested these foils, and can tell you that they are very resistant! And i mean: VERY resistant! The bubbleing in the picture cause i wasnt very experienced in placing these foils. But the second time i tried it, it worked without these bubbles.

And is a bit fiddly to remove the foil again, but even after a long time sticking to the NXT, it won't leave any remain on the NXT.
Unknown said…
hi, i tested the foil. And what shall i say, it looks nice, is esay to handle, has no bubble effect (at least not for my testing time of 4 weeks) and it is removable with out any residues. Ok the price is a point of discussions, but hey now my NXT can look smart.

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