My name is Martijn Hellemans, but in the community I go by the name of Dino_Martino. I was asked to become a NXT step contributor, andI can't let such an opportunity slip away.
Me in a nutshell:
Not LEGO related:
I'm fourteen years old. I live in a rather sleepy town named "Heist-op-den-Berg", Antwerp, Belgium. My native language is dutch. besides LEGO I love everything related to science, technique, technology, electronics, robotics,...
I got bit by the electrics bug when I got an electronics play-kit for my 8th birthday.
My other passion is music. I play the drums for 6 years now. My favourite styles include: Jazz, Funk, Latin, and other stuff.
LEGO related:

Like a lot of other peoples, I have been playing with LEGO's since I was *very* young. My older brothers had an immense stack of old style, classic LEGO. In fact, if it weren't for my brothers, I don't think I would have got into LEGO TECHNIC.
When I was about six, I watched how my brother amazing constructions/mechanics using the old - mostly brick&knob - TECHNIC. I got my first set when I was eight. It was the yellow heavy loader crane (#8421). That was the point of no return: that's when I turned into a true "TECHNIC'aholic".

One of the things I always loved about LEGO is that you get an infinite number of possibillities. When you look at a RC car, or one of thos robot dogs, you get one design and one behavior.
With all kinds of LEGO, the only limit is what *the builder does* with the blocks => his/her capabilities and his/her imagination.
When I saw a MINDSTORMS folder, I fell in love: the ability to program your TECHNIC creation opened so may options!
I'll quit boring you now, and show you some of my projects:

This is one of my earlier projects. It is called toiletpaper-bot. It won the earthday building contest. It is designed to prevent peoples form wasting toilet paper.
It is not build thàt good - I didn't have a lot of experience - but it does show some originality: great, funny solutions to whatever problem I encounterred. Perhaps too much security for toilet paper...
everything else you need to know:

This project is one of my most massive, most impressive project. It is a freefall attraction for minifig's. It carries 16 passengers, is one story high (2.5m = 8.2 feet). It tows the cart up, and launches it into freefall.
For more info:
Thank you for reading!
Martijn "Dino_Martino" Hellemans


sholto_bateson said…
on your youtube acount (drumerke1995) or one with your stuff on it says you are 30
Martijn H. said…
Sholto: it does?
that must be a mistake...
I'll check it!
NickNackGus said…
You might want to try using Google’s translator to help you make Dutch-English translations easier. You can access it by going to www.google.com, clicking "more" at the top of the screen, (It doesn't always appear at first, it sometimes appears after you move your mouse.) and selecting "even more" at the bottom of the drop down menu. "Google Translate" should appear on the right, near the bottom of the list. I found that it is not accurate all the time, so you might have to read through it and make sure it makes sense (which might be hard, as English is the hardest language to learn, and Google Translate often makes small mistakes). You can also try copying the results into your favorite text editor and having it run "Spelling and Grammar Check".

I know about Google translate because I am taking a French course, and the exercises mostly refer to words or phrases that were not covered and are not easy to guess.
Welcome, Martijn.

Glad to have you posting, and your English is fine.
Martijn H. said…
Tim, I am aware of googletranslate:
however, I am able to get my point across in descent English without a translator.
and: most of the time the translator's english is even worse then mine! :D
NickNackGus said…
I was just rying to make this easier. However, you seem to be doing better with English than I am with French. Report card on US Department of Education: Needs Improvement...
Dylan W said…
It's great to see a new blogger here! Good luck "Dino Martino"! :)
congradulations :) most I ever got on this site was a link to my site when I put up nxc basic starter tutorials. Have fun being a contributor.
Martijn H. said…
Thank you all for the nice comments!

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